Wow, can life be hectic. Medical problems, car problems, family problems, I hate school and I couldn’t graduate fast enough problems…

And there never seems to be a minute where I can just take a breather. But, there is good in this.I’ve had an interesting journey this summer.

I’ve learned what it’s like to drive in the heat with no air conditioning in my car. I’ve learned to be grateful I have a car.

I’ve learned what it’s like to realize that I have nothing in common with any of my friends from high school anymore. I’ve learned to reflect on memories, take a moment to smile, and then be willing to set them aside to start my own life.

I’ve learned what it’s like to be pretty sure I was pregnant/dying/going to be diagnosed with some strange disease. I’ve learned what it’s like to find out that all of those tests were negative (bittersweet on some accounts).

I’ve learned what it’s like to see a marriage deteriorate over nothing. I’ve learned that my marriage can be strengthened over nothing.

I’ve learned that this life is full of tough times and disappointments. I’ve learned how important it is to realize how many tender mercies are all around us.

I’ve learned what it’s like to be taken out of Primary. I’ve learned to enjoy time while I’m having it so that when it’s time to do something different for a while or maybe forever that I can feel accomplished and ready to move forward.

I think that there are so many things happening in my life right now because I’m getting ready to make the biggest change ever. Within the next few years, I’ll be done with school, and Jared and I will be starting a family together. It’s weird to think that in not too long, we could have a whole new place to live, new job(s), new bills, maybe a dog, hopefully a baby…and wasn’t it just five seconds ago that I was seriously worried about getting asked to Prom as if it would ruin my life if I didn’t? Life moves so quickly these days, and nothing is ever easy. However, I’m finding that with each new experience, I learn and grow.

We have two choices in this life. We are going to have experiences no matter what we do, and those experiences are going to shape us regardless of what we want. The choice is to let those experiences make us better or make us worse. Two people could go through the same exact problems, and depending on how they decide to be shaped, they could come out as the most pessimistic and the most optimistic person. Every day, we make the decision to let people, places, and things change us for the better or for the worst.

So, how will you let what happens today shape you?

I am like a huge, rough stone rolling down from a high mountain; and the only polishing I get is when some corner gets rubbed off by coming in contact with something else, striking with accelerated force against religious bigotry, priest-craft, lawyer-craft, doctor-craft, lying editors, suborned judges and jurors, and the authority of perjured executives, backed by mobs, blasphemers, licentious and corrupt men and women—all hell knocking off a corner here and a corner there. Thus I will become a smooth and polished shaft in the quiver of the Almighty.

Joseph Smith


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